Who are we?

International professional association of labor migrants is an association of citizens of different countries, as well as members of their families, who legally work as labor migrants, the purpose of which is:

  • Provision of legal and organizational framework aimed at ensuring social and legal protection of labor migrants and their family members through the provision of advice and information.
  • Raising the intellectual, cultural and educational level of its members, improving communication skills, creating research, information and educational events in the field of labor migration, organizing training centers.
  • Providing assistance to labor migrants and members of their families to meet national, cultural, educational and linguistic needs.

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Association President

Alexandr Kolos

Association President

Deputy Chairman of the Commission for the Protection of Constitutional and Democratic Electoral Rights of Citizens

Lambrini Nassis

Commission for the Protection of Constitutional and Democratic Electoral Rights of Citizens

Member of the Coordination Council

Nestor Varsamis

Coordination Council

Chairman of the Commission on Cooperation with Mass Media

Eva Siabanopulu

Commission on Cooperation with Mass Media

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer the most important questions that you ask us when joining the association

Do I need medical insurance to travel abroad on a work visa?

To travel abroad on a work visa, you need to undergo a medical examination and obtain medical insurance. Our organization can help with this.

Can the association help me find a job in my specialty?

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How do I get investment in my project through the Association?

If you are interested in attracting investments in your project, our specialists can help in the correct execution of documents so that they meet investment standards and submit them for consideration to the appropriate investment groups or private investors.

If I want to start business in a foreign country, can the association help and support me?

If you have decided to open your own business, our organization will be able to provide professional advice and guidance in the direction of business development and market opportunities, as well as provide legal and economic support.

I am already studying in a foreign country. Can I become a member of the association? What will it give me?

Yes, you can become a member of our organization. Thanks to our partnership with various universities. You can additionally get a specialty that is more in demand on the labor market. In addition to a wide range of benefits, which you can find here, you can use our database of employers for practice and a permanent place of work.

My child has not yet reached the age of majority and we really like the training program that the association helps to organize, is it possible to send my child to study and how?

For minor children of members of our organization, we can select programs for development and training, taking into account the personality of your child. Organize the possibility of moving and gaining educational experience in other countries. Each child has an individual approach. To participate in our programs, you can apply and an offer will be selected for you. And also legal and documentary support will be provided.

How to become a member of the association?

Submit an application on the website, fill out a questionnaire, after which there is a consideration of admission to membership in our organization. You will receive a written confirmation of admission to membership in the organization

What is the membership fee?

The annual fee for membership in a trade union depends on the goals and objectives of the candidate within the organization. Payment can be made monthly, quarterly, annually.

What currency is the membership paid in?

Payment can be made in Euros, dollars, in national currency in relation to the euro exchange rate.

If I do not see my country in the list of countries, can I become a member of the association?

If your country does not have our representative office, you can apply to the central office where it will be considered.

What advantages will I have when I become a member of the Association?

When you become a member of our organization, we provide you with the opportunity to receive qualified legal assistance. Get the optimal social protection package. Have access to our employer database, use discount programs and be active participants in our projects that will help improve your material well-being. Raise the level of your social contacts.

Will I have any documents confirming membership in the association?

By becoming a member of a trade union, you will receive a trade union card and access to your account.

I do not speak foreign languages, how can I find a job in a foreign country?

If you do not speak foreign languages, based on our platform you have the opportunity to take language training with a professional orientation.

What documents will I receive after completing the courses in the association program?

After completing our professional courses, you have the opportunity to obtain an international certificate.