In modern conditions, the role and influence of trade unions on working conditions and the standard of living of workers has increased significantly. This influence is especially evident in relation to labor migrants. In difficult economic and social circumstances, being in a foreign country, an employee is not able to defend himself against the arbitrariness of individual employers alone; in private, it is easier to intimidate an employee, dismiss, and drag him to court. Therefore, he needs support from the trade union.

It is trade unions that are reliable and universally accepted form of representation of the interests of employees in the labor market.

Today International professional association of Labor migrants (PLM) is the only reliable support for an employee in a foreign country for him, and only PWM can really protect a migrant from:

– threats of reduction;

– illegal dismissal;

– non-payment of wages;

– violations of labor standards;

– violation of the terms of the contract;

– violations of payment of insurance, etc.

PLM have ample leverage over:

– compliance with labor laws;

– fulfillment of the terms of collective agreements, sectoral and regional agreements;

– compliance with labor protection legislation;

– carrying out a legal examination of labor contracts.

PLM at the sectoral, regional and state levels provide members of the Union with qualified, free legal assistance, represents and protects the rights and interests of trade union members in government and local authorities, in relations with the employer, represents the interests of employees in the exercise of their constitutional right to appeal for the protection of their labor and social rights in the judiciary, as well as in the International Courts, etc.

Joining a PLM will really protect you from many hardships and troubles in a foreign country.