Applicants for membership in the Association (candidates for membership) must familiarize themselves with the Charter of the Association and the Regulations on membership in the Association by the time the application and documents are submitted to the Association.

For admission to membership in the Association, individuals provide the Association with the following documents:

– Application for membership in the Association (Appendix No. 2 to the Membership Regulations);

– copy of the passport;

– copy of TIN (if provided by the legislation of the country of registration).

The order of joining the association:

  • Those wishing to become members of the association fill out and send the application posted on the website.
  • To the e-mail address indicated in the application, we send an application, a questionnaire and an invoice to pay the entrance fee.
  • The candidate sends to our e-mail address electronic copies of the completed application and questionnaire, the documents specified above and the paid invoice.
  • After considering the application and a positive decision, the association notifies the applicant of admission to membership in the association by sending an electronic copy of the certificate of membership in the association with an identification code to the specified e-mail address to register an account on the association’s website and access the declared resources.
  • In case of rejection of the application due to the absence of documents specified in the Membership Regulations, the association has the right to request the missing documents and, after receiving them, consider the issue of admission to membership of the association.
  • If the documents are not submitted to the request for the missing documents within 5 working days, the association has the right to reject the application for membership in the association.
  • In case of rejection of the application, the entrance fee paid by the candidate will be returned to the candidate’s account within 20 banking days.