We see our mission in empowering labor migrants and their families in their pursuit of fair and humane working conditions to improve the quality and standard of their lives, as well as in contributing to the achievement of social justice and sustainable personal and professional development of members of the association.

To do this, we set ourselves the following goals and objectives:

  • Protection of the social rights of workers abroad.
  • Creation of proper working conditions for those working abroad.
  • Monitoring and control of movement of labor resources between countries.
  • Control over the provision of jobs by the level of worker classification.
  • Retraining of personnel, advanced training.
  • Counteraction for illegal labor exploitation and illegal retention on foreign territory.
  • Interaction with government agencies on the fair distribution of labor quotas.
  • Defending the rights of workers in front of the employer regarding working conditions and compliance with labor laws.
  • Selection of the optimal medical insurance. Defending the interests of its members to the insurance companies in the insurance case.
  • Protection of the social rights of families of workers abroad.
  • Defending the electoral rights of workers abroad.
  • Representation of workers’ interests in international organizations.
  • Participation in labor and social programs aimed at improving working conditions.
  • Protection of intellectual property abroad, control over the observance of patent legislation.